Helmut Jahn

The architect of Cosmopolitan building

The designer of Cosmopolitan is one of the greatest architects of the twenty-first century, considered by
professionals to be at the same level as such famous architects as Norman Foster or Zaha Hadid. He is the creator
of more than one hundred prestigious designs all over the world, including the building hosting the official seat
of the European Commission in Brussesl, Sony Center in Berlin, the highest building in Philadelphia – One Liberty Place,
Highlight Munich Business Towers or State of Illinois Center in Chicago. In 1991 the American Institute of Architects
accepted him as one of the most influential American architects. Moreover, the Royal Institute of British Architects
awarded him a prize.The design of a Warsaw high-rise at ul. Twarda 4 is his first creation in Poland.

Helmut Jahn - The architect of Cosmopolitan building
Helmut Jahn - Sketch

“I believe that this building will change the space in Warsaw,
that it will result in the best architecture to be found here”

- these are the words of Helmut Jahn, the architect, said during the official commencement
of the construction work of Cosmopolitan Twarda 4

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Helmut Jahn about Cosmopolitan

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